Early stuff

I studied media technology and human-computer interaction. Early on I was interested in film making and interactive art and explored those fields during my studies and for the first years of my career.

Founded Physical Interaction Lab, a hardware lab that developed interactive installations, music instruments and other fun things.

Lights by Physical Interaction Lab (2009)

MIDI Controller 1 by Physical Interaction Lab (2009)

Wable by Physical Interaction Lab, featured in Data Flow 2 (2008)

Engineering on Intelligence & The Metabolism and Dream World of the Organism by Matti Kallioinen (2009, 2007)

CitySoundsFM—listen to the latest music from cities around the world (2009). Beware the URL has unfortunately been taken by a porn site 🫣

Listen to Blogs—Listen to your favorite blog, or turn any blog into a podcast using your own voice (2009).

Carbon.to—Compare CO2 emissions of daily activities (2009).

Engineer on the first version of SVT Play for iPhone. Installed on 95% of iPhones in Sweden. (2008)

Building sets for the feature film You, the Living by Roy Andersson (2005)

Paketet, a short film about a man who’s excited about his birthday gift. Shot on 35mm. Featured in the short film program at the Gothenburg Film Festival. (2004)